Global Engagement Day 2018

              This past Wednesday, OU hosted its annual Global Engagement Day. I attended the session about the Peace Corps and the Fulbright program. I would like to give a brief summary of the information shared during that session for those who were unable to attend.

              In the first presentation, Sarah Griswold, the Peace Corps advisor at OU, explained the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps is a volunteer program run by the U.S. government and open to U.S. citizens over the age of 18. The program consists of 27 total months of service—three months of training and 24 months of overseas service. The Peace Corps operate in sixty countries, primarily in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Peace Corps volunteers work in one of six sectors: agriculture, environment, health, community economic development, education, and youth in development. For example, volunteers in the health sector work to educate their communities about nutrition, hygiene, water sanitation, and other topics. In return for their service, volunteers receive numerous benefits, including medical and dental coverage, a stipend, airfare coverage, and a reentry package upon return to the U.S. OU has a program called Peace Corps Prep that prepares students to serve as Peace Corps volunteers. (See the link below for more information).

              The second presentation covered the Fulbright program. The Fulbright is a scholarship program sponsored by the U.S. government that gives merit-based grants to students, scholars, artists, professionals, and scientists. To apply for a Fulbright, you must be either about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, a recent graduate, or an early career professional. The Fulbright program gives two different types of grants: one, a study and research grant, and two, an English teaching assistantship. The study and research grant provides recipients with the funding to study in the country of their choice for 8-10 months.  Recipients can perform independent research, study at a local university, work on an art project, or more. The English teaching assistantship provides funds for recipients to live in the country of their choice and teach English. The benefits of both grants include roundtrip airfare coverage, a monthly stipend, accident and sickness insurance, language lessons, and more.

              I hope that helps those of you who were unable to attend this session. Here are a few links for more information for those who are interested:

The Fulbright Program:

The Peace Corps:

OU’s Peace Corps Prep program:

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